Pachyderm Woes

I bwoked Dumbo's eyebawl and I cwiiied. I bwoked it and hold it up in Dat-tee's caw-ee.

This is what Maggie told me today on the way home.

I had heard the story earlier in the day from Jorde, so I at least had a frame of reference for this bizarre proclamation. Although, honestly, I don't know that I would be too shocked by anything that comes out of her mouth these days. Life with a preschooler is nothing if not interesting and unpredictable!

So. The Story.

While driving to Nana's this morning, Maggie pulled one of the eyes off a little stuffed elephant toy that she calls Dumbo. Jorde looked in his rearview mirror in time to see a look of horror on Maggie's face right before the tears started.

Jorde: Baby, what's wrong?
Maggie (crying): I bwoked Dumbo's eye!
Jorde: Well, honey, why did you do that?
Maggie (still crying): I don't know!

(All he could think about was the Bill Cosby bit - hilarious!)

According to Jorde, she was inconsolable. Cried and cried and cried. Daddy asked her what happened to it and Maggie told her she dwopped it in da hole. When they arrived at Nana's house, Daddy made a valiant effort to recover the lost eyebawl, to no avail. Jorde was a little concerned he might have to remove Maggie's carseat and scour under the backseat to find this tiny black dot of an eye but he didn't have the time right then. Thankfully, it turned out to not be necessary.

Maggie was still upset after breakfast about Dumbo's missing eye, so she and Nana went upstairs to the sewing room where Maggie choose a new eye for Dumbo from my mom's button collection. Nana then sewed on Dumbo's new eye.

I called later that morning to see how Maggie was doing and my mom told me Dumbo came through surgery very well and was currently in recovery. He may need elective surgery to correct his other eye but we're taking a 'wait and see' approach to that right now, and hoping Maggie has learned a little lesson about blinding her stuffed animals.

When we arrived back home tonight, Maggie ran inside with Dumbo so she could show Daddy his new button. It's so wonderful that all it takes is a button and some thread to make her little world good again.