I Not a Baby, I a Yittle Girl

I don't know when it happened, but when I looked at Maggie Saturday, I realized that she wasn't my little baby anymore.

Not that she's been a baby baby for some time now (as she often points out), but she's not even a toddler anymore.

Her legs are longer. Her face has slimmed up and lost some of its babyness. She talks like a grown-up.

Seriously, she talks like a grown-up. (She used the word 'hardly' correctly last night and I was astonished. Maybe I shouldn't be, but I was.)

My baby girl turned into a kid, and Mommy isn't sure how she feels about that.

I eskew all sorts of things I "should" do to spend time with Maggie. As a mom who works outside the home, my time after work belongs to my girl - I don't want to miss more of her growning up than I have to - so you would think I would have seen this coming. But no. Just wham-o, all of a sudden I saw a kid where my baby girl used to be.

*sigh* There are going to be lots of moments like this, aren't there?