The Short Version
Married since 2004, we make our home in the Southwest. I'm a Southern girl who misses trees, loves to read and enjoys all things Auburn. Hubby is an Arizona native who is a beach addict and an amazing singer and musician. We're making our life together with our sweet girl and two kitties.

The Long-ish Version
I currently live in Arizona, but was born and raised in Alabama, and in my heart I never really left. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel a bit, and still think the South is the prettiest place there is. I’m a Southern girl through-and-through, and my accent still makes an appearance occasionally despite the many years since leaving my hometown. My momma taught me to call you “ma’am” and “sir”, so don’t be surprised to hear that in our conversation. (You’ll probably hear “fixin to” and “bless her heart” as well). I love the smell of gardenias, climbing-trees, anything monogrammed and think Forrest Gump is one of the best movies ever.

(The fact that my name is Jennie caused me no end of teasing when that movie came out, but I love it anyway.)

I am not the best housekeeper in the world, and you will usually find my sink full of dishes and laundry stacked on my dining table. But our family is happy and healthy, and I would rather spend my evenings with them and go to bed at a decent time than clean, anyway.

Hubby and I have a sweet daughter, Maggie, and two angels in Heaven. We are blessed with amazing families and friends. We try to be the best Catholic Christians we can but no one here is perfect, so we thank Jesus everyday for mercy and forgiveness and grace.

And just for fun … I love to laugh and really enjoy stand-up comedy. I can eat chicken pot pie until I’m sick and drink sweet tea by the bucket. Reading is my obsession. That and the SEC – I love me some college football, folks (can I get a War Eagle?!). Chocolate is my downfall, especially brownies. And Fruit Loops. I prefer plays to movies but take much pleasure from both. I love my girlfriends and don’t get to see them nearly as often as I’d like. Ditto my godchildren. My kitties drive me to complete distraction but I love them, too, and they are awfully entertaining. I enjoy cooking for friends and like trying new recipes, though I have a knack for choosing the most involved ones out there. Since having my daughter I have become very interested in photography and am learning little bits along the way.

So glad you stopped by, and I hope you visit again soon.