My Card-Making Girl

Mama, I wan'ta make a caw'eed for anybody.

Maggie has really gotten into this whole 'making cards' thing. I started it with her for Valentine's Day this year - we wrote a little message on one side of some foam hearts, and on the other side she place an abundance of stickers. She gave them to her friends at our February potluck.

To say she had fun is an understatement. Maggie has become the sticker queen, kicking her feet as she happily peels and sticks, peels and sticks, adding splashes of color here and there with her crayons as she hums a little tune.
Whatever the occasion, she wants to make a card.

New baby? I make-y caw'eed.

Thank you? I make-y caw'eed.

Getting married? I make-y caw'eed.

Happy Birthday? I make-y caw'eed.

Uncle Dink's in Dallas? I make-y caw'eed.

On Sunday afternoon, when there is no occasion that she is aware of, Maggie tells me: Mama, I wan'ta make a caw'eed for anybody.

How do you say 'no' to that?