Maggie's Frosty Party

I will readily admit that the idea of doing a Frosty the Snowman birthday party in April in Arizona was a little weird at first. I was excited because it would take some creativity to pull it off, but also a bit perplexed at the 'how' of it all. My girl loves Frosty, though, and since I try to 'theme' her parties around her favorite things, this was the obvious choice.

Maggie has been very excited about her Fwosty da 'Nowman pawdy for weeks now. As the decorations would pile up at my mom's, or she would see one of us working on something or talking about ideas, Maggie would open her arms wide and exclaim with a big smile, "I havin' a Fwosty burwfdee pawdy!" 

So, I turned a skein of yarn into a snowfall, yarn poms and styrofoam into colorful snowmen, and served white mac-n-cheese (one of M's favorite dishes), showman shaped brownies, and snow cones (the snow cones were a big hit - I think the adults enjoyed them more than the kids, with the possible exception of 'baby' Gabriel).

The best part is, my girl had fun with all her friends J