Maggie Words

These are some of my girl's most frequent conversations. She still refers to herself often in the third person which cracks me up. And yes, I realize it is February, but Christmas is still being sung in our home J

I go ta Aunt Ashwee's weddin'. Aunt Ashwee get maow'ded. I dance wif Mommy and Daddy. I dance wif Nina Maowy. Santa Cwaus dance, too! (I go to Aunt Ashli's wedding. Aunt Ashli get married. I dance with Mommy and Daddy. I dance with Nina Mary. Santa Claus dance, too!)

I go on a woadtwip! (I go on a roadtrip!)

I p'yay wif Jack. I jump ona twampo'yine! I go bouncth! (I play with Jack. I jump on the trampoline! I go bounce!)

I get sick. I fwo'wed up. (I get sick. I throwed up. Incidentally, it was all over her Nana.)

Mommy, Mo-mo baw'eefed on the steers. (Mommy, Mo-mo barfed on the stairs.)

I wanna watch Pwep n Yandin'. (I want to watch Prep & Landing.)

Mommy, I wan' some hhiman-hims (Mommy, I want some M&Ms. We don't keep these in the house but Maggie loves them and will randomly ask for them, in the hopes they appear. I think Christmas spoiled her J)

Way-ya my tickas? I need a make a val'yen'tine. (Where are my stickers? I need to make a valentine.)

Mommy, you wanna pay wif my ki'schen? (Mommy, you want to play with my kitchen?)

I nee my tool! (I need my stool! - usually hollered when I'm in the kitchen and she wants to 'help')

When singing "Santa Claus is Coming to Town": Need ta watsh out. Better not cwy. I tell you why. Santa Cwaus is comin' to town!

When singing "Frosty the Snowman": Fwosty a No'man, a ha'wee ja'wee souldt. Wif da corn in da pipe and a but-tin nose and two eyes made out a coaldt.

Maggie loves to request Dashin' ina 'No (Jingle Bells) and Deckin' ina Haws (Deck the Halls). Woo-doff (Rudolph) is also a favorite.

When singing "Jingle Bells": Jinga be'wls, Jinga be'wls, Jinga be'wls all da waaay! Wha' fun a wide ina horse swaaay!
We have this conversation frequently, with regards to her birthday:
Me: Maggie, what do you want for your birthday?
Maggie: I haf a Fwosty buff'dee pawty. I haf 8 bee'yoons at my pawtee.
Me: You want 8 balloons for your birthday party?
Maggie: Yeeaah.
Me: What else do you want?
Maggie: A gif.
Me: What kind of gift?
Maggie: A yittle one.
Me: What do you want in your little gift?
Maggie: Toys!
Me: What kind of toys?
Maggie: Yots of toys!

That's about as far as we get. She never comes up with specifics - although she asked my mom last week for an iPod. The thing is that Maggie totally knows what it is and how to use it, so it's not so far-fetched a request. She uses my mom's iPad by herself better than I do. Crazy!