Mass-ive Fun

My girl cracks me up, y'all. And in church, no less.

At Mass last night, Maggie was surrounded by babies (or chi'dwens, depending on how 'big' they are), so I had an entire service filled with oh, yoook, he's key-uuute as well as trying to keep her from constantly touching them all (I looked over once to see her petting the fingers of the little girl in front of us).

All I can say is she really, really likes kids. All of them. No matter their ages.

Plus, she's just a social butterfly. Maggie has never met a child she didn't like, or say 'hi' to, or ask their name (wha' you name?), or try to hold hands with. Whenever Jorde takes her to the park, she attaches herself to whatever group of chi'dwens is playing there.

(Preschool is going to be fun - I'm already bracing myself for the reports of "Maggie is a delight in class but she talks too much". That's her Daddy coming out. We always say she looks like me and acts like him J)

She was thrilled when she had the good fortune to run around with Norah and Stella after Mass. One of the drawbacks of being an 'only' is the lack of built-in play pals. Jorde and I are going to have to be better about making play dates with her friends. She asks about them often so I know we need to give her more opportunities to see them.

Aside from the baby-ogling, Maggie also did some staring at our behind-us pew-neighbor. She would just stare at him while he was singing during Mass. No smiling. Just staring. It seemed pretty rude and I tried to get her to stop but it also tickled me a bit, which probably isn't a good thing. Thankfully, he is a friend so I wasn't terribly worried. I don't know what he thought about it, but hopefully he just chalked it up to toddlerhood.

If Maggie wasn't staring at our friend, she was swaying around singing with us. Well, almost with us. She was singing at the same time, but while the congregation was singing the 'Alleluia', I distinctly heard the first verse of 'Frosty the Snowman' next to me.

'... witda corn in da pipe and da but-tin nose and two eyes made out of coatd ...'

Y'all know that Jesus likes Frosty, too, right?