Sweet Lil' Mommy

My Maggie is (mostly) a good little mommy to her babies. She especially cares for Baby Emma. She and I are often found on the sofa, me holding Baby Emma and Maggie administering all manner of necessities, like medicine, taking her temperature, giving her a bath, changing her diaper, and, of course, feeding her.

She worries me a bit with the shots she gives Baby Emma in her forehead.

And how *ahem* gently she puts Baby Emma to bed. (Can you say 'bonk'?)

And that she has on occasion held Baby Emma by the leg while trying to unbuckle her baby stroller.

And has tossed Baby Emma when said buckle proved too difficult for the one hand of little fingers Maggie was using to undo the strap.

But hey, it's not like she will be babysitting for real any time soon. Thankfully J

I snapped the picture below with my cell phone so the quality isn't the best, but I just love how mommy-ish she looks. Watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and feeding her Baby Emma - so sweet. Too cute for words!