Joyful and Joy-fill: Part Deaux

After all the fun (including the best wedding reception party EVER - it included a high school marching band!), we packed up and headed back to our home in the southwest to celebrate Christmas.

We are so thankful for a healthy family this Christmas. Maggie and I were sick off and on the entire month of December last year, and Maggie was still sick on Christmas day, but this year everyone was well. Joy! 

Maggie had so much fun, and Jorde and I enjoyed her Christmas enthusiasm. She made us laugh so much because when she got downstairs on Christmas morning and saw her Santa gift – a play kitchen – we couldn’t get her to open any other presents! I would ask, “Maggie, do you want to open this present from Nina Mary?” and hear in response, “No. I pyay wif my ki’shen.” When we could finally get her to open a gift, she would pull it out, say she liked it, then run back to her kitchen. At least Santa scored big points this year J

(I just noticed how unladen our Christmas tree looks. Seems awfully bare under there, I know, but the bulk of our gifts were wrapped and waiting under my momma's tree. I figured there was no sense in hauling gifts down to her place when most of them were shipped directly there, but that does make for a sparse picture at home. Ah well. The girl didn't notice.)

The other big ticket items she got this year were from the grandparents: a huge dollhouse from Grandma and Grandpa, a v-tech InnoTab from her Pop, and a drivable, battery-operated Ford F150 from Nana and Papaw. Maggie wanted me to get in the truck with her and ride, but after explaining there was no way Mommy would fit, she settled for Cinda’gweya. Everyone needs company when cruising around the driveway.

A cute thing has begun happening pretty frequently at home. My folks gave me a Kindle for Christmas and, as I am not only an avid reader but one who often reads 1200 pagers, I love it! The Kindle is much lighter and easier to hold than The Sunne in Splendour (I am currently on my 5th or 6th journey through that monster). In the evenings, when Jorde is watching sports or flipping channels, I will sit on the couch with my Kindle and Maggie will climb up there with her InnoTab and turn her books on (it reads to her). She commented that “Mommy haf you computa and Maggie have her computa, too!” She loves sitting on me while we both read – such sweet little moments together. Joy!

Thank you, Jesus, for our joy-filled life!