I'm Married to a 40 Year-Old

It's official. Hubby turned 40. Does that automatically make me old, too? haha :)

I didn't think he'd let me, but in a moment of weakness, Hubby agreed to a 40th birthday party. He's not big on parties for himself, so I kept it was low-key. Our friends and family got together for a potluck party, with our pulled pork bbq as the main ingredient. It was such an enjoyable evening!

This is Maggie and Gabriel (or "Baby Gay-bu-wrul"). Maggie is constantly looking for him, and anytime she sees or hears a baby, she looks at me and questions, "Baby Gay-bu-wrul?" When she saw me holding him Friday night at the party, she reached up and said "Hold it", so we sat on the sofa to allow Maggie to hold Gabriel. Which she did for approximately 1.2 seconds. Then she just wanted to be beside him and pat him. It was a sweet little moment :)

Hubby wanted a Boston Creme Pie for his birthday cake, so that's what we did (my mom helped ... a lot. Thanks, Mom!). Yes, it's in the shape of a guitar. We managed to fit 40 candles on there, although I became concerned when we were lighting them because the first ones were halfway melted by the time the last ones were lit, but it all worked out!

Thankfully, due to all the singing he does, Hubby has great lung capacity and blew them out in one breath :)

I also made Boston Creme cupcakes, which are WAY easier than assembling the cake.

As you can see, they were a hit ...

Happy Birthday, Honey! We love you :)