Bess 'ee Haar

Ya’ll know I’m an uprooted Southern girl. (If you weren’t aware of that fact, the first word in the prior sentence should be a dead giveaway.) I’ve always said that I wanted to raise my children as Southerners whether or not I lived in the area. I just believe that our child rearin’ ways are more respectful than many I see here in the Southwest and on the West Coast. You hear more ma’ams and sirs back home, ladies still have doors held open for them by strangers, thank yous and your welcomes are expected and usually received, and everyone is honey and darlin’ with nothing bad meant by it. It’s just a sweeter place to be, and I want to instill those mores in my daughter.

Plus, I love the South. It’s still home in my heart.

Well, we have seen signs of success in this area of manners and Southern-isms. Maggie is getting better at saying “tink oo” (thank you) and “way-come” (welcome), but one thing she picked up without any instruction at all: bless her heart. All y’all Southern folk out there know that this is a staple phrase, and covers all manner of things, from tragedy to joy.

Apparently, my mom and I say it a lot {smile}

Maggie will put Baby Emma* on her shoulder, pat her back and say “bess’ee haar”.

It’s just about the sweetest thing ever.


*Baby Emma is Maggie’s favorite baby doll. Her full name – Baby Emma – is almost always used. Maggie has started taking her everywhere and now sleeps with her (and “bee-yanky”, her blanky … don’t leave home without it!) When Maggie wakes up in the mornings or from her naps, she usually talks or sings to Baby Emma for a while – which is also the sweetest thing ever {smile}