Easter is Here!

He is risen! Alleluia! Alleluia!

This was a difficult Holy Week for me. Difficult because Maggie has decided to act 2. (For parents of 2 year olds, I doubt I need to say more.) I just felt very disconnected at the services on Holy Thursday and Good Friday - probably because I missed so much being out in the vestibule with the 2 year old. (She has learned to talk, so now we talk all the time ... and her volume is either ON or ASLEEP.) We have been talking a lot about being at Jesus' house (or "Jeezy Hoos") and using our quiet voice there but she's 2, so the lesson has not yet been grasped. In her defense, I am asking her to be at church for an hour and a half, at 7:30pm on a weeknight, so it's completely off her normal routine. Still, it was disheartening to have missed so much good church, ya know?

Mass this morning was AMAZING, and totally got me back on track. Maggie was busy (and tired) but never got out-of-hand, and I felt totally connected to worship and community. It was fantastic! I do love the Easter service - it is such a joyful celebration! Plus, Eddie James and crew were here celebrating Easter with our parish, and I always enjoy it when he is in town.

After Mass, we all gathered at Hubby's parents' for lunch and Easter egg hunting. This was Maggie's first time and y'all, she had a blast! Those eggs were hidden multiple times because she didn't want to quit!

Once she figured out there were marshmallows inside the eggs, oh the joy! (This is Maggie with her mouth stuffed with "marsh", still hunting.)

This is working backwards, I suppose, but here is a picture of Maggie and me dying eggs yesterday (she's wearing one of Hubby's old t-shirts as a smock).

Didn't they turn out pretty :)

Two songs really touched me at Mass today, so I'm sharing them with you. Of course, they are both favorites of mine ... enjoy, may God bless you, and Happy Easter!