Happy New Year!

Otherwise Entitled: We Survived December

I hope y’all had a wonderful Advent and Christmas, and that 2011 brings you many blessings!

Collage_Christmas 2

December was rough month for our little family. I got a cold, then Maggie got a cold; then I got the flu, and Maggie got the flu. Then another cold piggy-backed on the flu, and Maggie still has a slightly runny nose from it. Hubby got a bad cold/mild flu as I was recovering from the flu and Maggie was getting it, but as he had been downing airborne like his life depended on it, his bout with illness did not last nearly as long as mine or Maggie’s – the two of us were unwell in some fashion or another for 4 solid weeks.

Needless to say, the Doodle and I are sick of being sick.

Just this past week, though, both of us have taken a good turn toward being completely well, and once we both do kick this lingering cough, we’ll be A-OK.

Collage_Christmas 3

All that illness made for a hard Christmas for the Doodle, unfortunately. Her fever finally broke that afternoon, and she was able to open presents and have some fun, though you can see in her face and the darkness under her eyes that she didn’t fell well.

2010_12 007 

The really stinky thing is, because she’s still a little one, there is nothing I can do for her other than crank up the humidifier to help with congestion. I can totally dose myself up with all kinds of medicines to hold some of the symptoms at bay and get at least some semblance of sleep, but with sick, congested babies, there is nothing to give but sympathy and love, and that doesn’t get rid of a snotty nose.

And if the baby don’t sleep, mommy don’t sleep. It was very fortuitous that I had fully 10 days of PTO in December – it couldn’t have happened at a more opportune time and cut down on the sick time I would have had to take.

Thankfully, all the illness looks to be behind us and our first days of 2011 have been wonderful. Maggie is playing and laughing and talking up a storm, as well as sleeping and eating well again, so all is right in our little world.

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Wishing you a blessed 2011!

PS: I should give Hubby credit here! He heard my pleas and got me a new camera for Christmas – a Pentax K-x, my very first DSLR. I have lots of experimenting to do now :)