Words, Words, Words

Our Doodle is a talker. Much like her daddy (or 'da-ee', as she prefers to say). Since I use this blog as a baby book, I want to record here what my girl is currently saying, so here goes:

Uttszhat? (what's that ... her very, very favorite thing to say. We hear it about a kajillion times a day. Multiple times for the same thing.)

Ooozhat? (who's that ... another favorite)

Ah-pool (apple - so glad she's starting to speak some of the words she knows how to sign! This one she says constantly - she loves apples and the freeze-dried apple treats)

Muk (milk)

Eat! (said with gusto!)

Kok (clock - she is actually referring to our watches but calls them clocks)


Re-ee? (ready - always a question)

Yaya (Mickey Mouse - she has always called him this and I think it's because I would ask her "do you want to watch Mickey Mouse, yeah? Yeah?, so she calls him Yaya. It's quite adorable!)

Monny? (Handy Manny, her new boyfriend - the girl's in love {smile} )

Elp it or Elp ee (help it or help me - used interchangeably)


Hot (for all things, hot or cold)

Jack (one of her play-buddies and honorary cousin - she loves his play room!)

Fraa-tee (Frosty, as in Frosty the Snowman. She says it like she's singing the song - it's totally cute)

Ah-oh (uh-oh, which may not actually be a word but it's totally cute because she says it all sing-songy)

Grandma (only once so far and I can't remember how she actually pronounced it, so no phonetic spelling)

Jesus (just said this morning, clear as day!!)

I'll get a video on here as soon as I get one with her babbling away :)