Just Catchin' Up

Hello, there. How are you? Things here are pluggin' along, vacillating between crazy-busy and peaceful. (I prefer peaceful, in case you wondered.)

It occurred to me earlier today that I haven't been here on me ole blog much lately. Oh, there have been pictures of Maggie and videos of Maggie and quips about Maggie, but I haven't spent much time here since before Advent other than to keep up a few "baby book" type things. Which are important to me, of course. I just mean I haven't really chronicled our little family very well (or very much), and I'm of a mind to change that now.

At least until my next lapse :)

I'm just going to list a few things to get them out of my head:
* One of my Super-Friends, Ashli, got engaged over Christmas. Yay! She and her honey are tying the knot next December, so I get to travel to the South - finally! I cannot tell you how excited I am about going home. For the past 4 years every time Hubby and I would try to plan a trip back, I got pregnant, so (3 pregnancies later), I'm finally getting to take a very long-overdue trip to the land of sweet tea and "y'all". I can't wait! It's been years since Ashli, Mary, and I were all together at one time (and big sis, Misti!) I also get to see my godsons when I go home in December, the oldest of which has apparently grown taller than me since I last saw him - I'm having a hard time seeing Ian as a teenager. Where did all that time go? And the youngest still owes me a drawing - he's told me he's the best artist in the family but I have yet to see proof, so I plan to collect on this trip (heads up, Noah!)

* Hubby and I attend 3 weddings in February and took out a 2nd mortgage to pay for all the gifts. Kidding! But man, it was a lot of weddings for one month! Two of them were Catholic, and really, there is no liturgy more beautiful than a Catholic wedding Mass. They just fill you up inside with Jesus. It was wonderful.

* Maggie's 2nd birthday is coming up so fast! What's up with that! She's having a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse party, and I've been throwing ideas around for months and months, and now it is upon me and I must get busy!! My Mom has done sooooo much to make this event awesome - one thing I can't wait to do is share pictures with you. In less than a month. Good grief, where's my list?