Goose Egg

So, Maggie had her first major bang-up as a walker. She loves to stand on things (her books, toys, my leg) and if there is a choice of going around or over something, she always goes over. Tuesday night she went to step on one her books, slipped and hit the edge of our coffee table.

Baby girl cried. Mommy cried.

I called my mom first to see what was what about hard head bumps, then talked to our medical-student friend, Johnny, just to make sure all my bases were covered and my child would not be rendered stupid because of this latest head trauma. (I know, I know, but seriously, she's bumped her head so much lately I'm concerned her smarts are gonna start leaking out ... I can't explain why because it's completely irrational.)

This wasn't Maggie's first head bump, but it is definitely the hardest and biggest ... it was a big ole goose egg.

It's above her right eye. (These cell phone pics don't do it justice.) It has healed really well so far and the coloring is all but gone. But the knot is still there.

Gives a whole new meaning when we tease her about being a 'knothead', huh?