Sweets for My Sweetie

Maggie has attended 2 birthday parties in recent weeks, and the girl has become quite fond of all things sweet. A favorite first was a marshmallow she had at Norah’s 2nd birthday party. She also had cupcakes with frosting which she loved. She kept trying to go back for more but thankfully, they were at adult height so she couldn’t reach them. She never ever gets this stuff at home, so at a party we kind of just let her try everything (within reason).

2010_09 132

 2010_09 133

 2010_09 134

 2010_09 135

2010_09 144

 2010_09 142 

What a sticky, gooey mess Maggie was when she was finished! The girl enjoyed it though, and after the sugar high she totally crashed out and slept for 3 hours :)