...And Away We Go!

Just a little clip showing the newest crawler and newest walker from our Friday night dinner group. Ty and Maggie were so cute together, although Maggie wasn't the best of hosts that evening. Apparently the ability to walk trumps everything and everyone right now because we saw her mostly as she ran up and down the hallway.

As a side note: Kelly (Ty's mom) and I have Maggie and Ty married off ... after college at Auburn or Notre Dame, of course.

This whole walking thing is turning into quite the adventure. We have an exposed step that Maggie fell off of last night before I could get to her*, I'm worried she's going to think her name is "No-No Maggie" due to the number of times she hears that every day, and I'm pretty sure her feet are going to be permanently stained black, no matter how many times we sweep and mop the floors.

*Do y'all have a solution for that? I can't find a baby gate that accommodates an exposed bottom step.

We have had more tears since she has started walking than in her life, I believe, and not just from the bumps and falls. Her little 'tude has started to emerge and if she feels she is being held for too long, she wiggles and squirms and fusses. Fusses! My Maggie! Unbelievable. Where did my little cuddler go? Oh yeah. She got a taste of independence and took off.

*sigh* It's always going to be like this as a mother, isn't it? Celebrating their accomplishments while mourning the little losses of mommy-dependence.

Maybe it's one reason we have more children, to feel that total dependence from those sweet little babes again ... not that I'm ready yet. Not ready. Not.

Just want to be clear about that.