Total Randomness

This one is all over the place. Fasten your seatbelts and put your tray tables in the upright and locked position.

We celebrated Father's Day the same way we do every other holiday ... with massive quantities of food. We all got together Saturday night for amazing burgers (with the onions!!), grilled potatoes (we marinate in Italian dressing between the stove and the grill) and the best corn on the cob you've ever had. This corn is my go-to recipe for potlucks now, and I always get compliments on it. Y'all should definitely try it. We also had homemade ice cream with strawberries but I could not partake due to a broken tooth. It sure looked yummy, though.

Maggie was in rare form yesterday. Super active and wanting to touch everything that she knows she's not supposed to touch. When I would tell her 'no', she would smile at me, possibly thinking her cuteness would win me over and allow her to play with the cord / plug / PS2 / cable box / remote control. She was wrong. I know she's cute but am now immune to its power. I'm thinking Time Out may be in our future if this continues. I'm sure that will be a fun day.

Maggie had only one nap yesterday and by 8:30pm she was so tired she was crying without reason. It was pitiful. When I laid her in her crib she didn't even roll over on her tummy and stick her bum up in the air like she usually does, she just lay there on her back. I think she was asleep before I got to the bedroom door.

I am having oral surgery on Thursday and am unbelievably nervous. I have a broken tooth and impacted wisdom tooth (right next to each other) that are coming out, and because of how long my wisdom tooth roots are and their proximity to my sinus cavity, they are giving me IV anesthesia for this. I have had it twice before and never had any adverse reactions, but now that I have Maggie, I tend to worry about those things more than usual. Crazy.

Maggie's Baby be Blessed doll came in the mail on Friday and oh my, it is the sweetest thing ever. I'm tucking it away for Christmas, but if I can remember, I'll snap a picture to share here. The doll's hair is so soft, I just kept rubbing it and rubbing it. I finally had to wrap her up and put her back in her box before I made her bald-headed.

Do any of y'all watch The Secret Life of the American Teenager? I don't, but I see their teasers / trailers all the time because I watch Gilmore Girls on that channel and I just have to ask:  is there a need for a second pregnant teen on that show? It really bugs me. I would be appalled if Maggie were watching this because, coming from someone who has never seen one episode, it doesn't seem to promote abstinence much (other than the holy-crap-I'm-pregnant-and-will-never-do-it-again angle) and I think they've all slept with the same people. Is that creepy to anyone else? I'm not so naive as to think teens never have you-know-what, but I think showing a dad helping his teenage daughter get birth control behind the mother's back is just wrong. I don't even know why I'm writing about this. Guess it just stuck in my craw.

Why do kitchens never seem to stay clean? We went from spotless to messy in the one meal. And I'm still trying to figure out how we used that many pots and pans? *sigh*

Both kitties were on the upstairs landing this morning, hollering outside my bedroom door. They do this every time their food dish gets low. Low, not empty. It's like they're afraid of a cat-food famine or something. 5am is not the time to voice your displeasure, however, as it does not make mommy happy. There are lots of times I wish they weren't so darn talkative. We have super-chatty kitties. Ya want one? Anybody? Anybody?

My parents got back in town safely from their trip to Alabama to get my Aunt, who is moving in to their little house. The next day they realized the air conditioning wasn't working, which isn't good when you have 100+ degree days. The a/c guy was supposed to be out yesterday, so hopefully all is up and working well now. Welcome to Arizona, Aunty!

Okay, I think I'm tapped out. Lucky you :)

Hope y'all have a Happy Monday!