Just a Couple of Sleepy Heads

See this face?

This is the face of a girl who loves her Mommy.

How do I know she loves me, you ask?

Because this sweet little bundle of cute slept in until after 9am both days this weekend.

I was so happy about that, I could cry.

Now, I'll admit that Hubby and I have the easiest baby on the planet, and I really don't think I am exaggerating here, folks. Maggie is normally an 8-8:30am waker-upper, and to quote Cousin Bino, that's pretty stinkin' awesome, especially when friends of ours have a 9 month-old who is happy as a clam every morning at six.

My alarm goes off at 5:40am every morning during the week, so when the weekend rolls around I like to sleep in as much as possible. Usually, I'm up with Maggie around 8 o'clock, and that is perfectly fine with me. However, the past 3 weeks at work have been crazy busy, and by the time this last Friday rolled around, I was just beat.

I remember telling Hubby on Friday how I wished Maggie would sleep in at least one morning this weekend, so that I could stay in bed a little longer, but I wasn't very hopeful. (Hubby was gone at 5:30am for a church golf tourney on Saturday, and is always gone Sunday mornings early because he works for the church, so his help was not an option.)

Well, Maggie must have heard my plea, because I woke her up Saturday morning at 9:15 or so, and she woke me up Sunday morning at 9:30. I starting smiling when I heard her Sunday morning on the monitor, talking and babbling and saying "Mama". She was so smiley and happy when I went in to get her.

It was nice, the two of us together, a couple of sleepy-headed girls having a lazy weekend.

I will admit, though, that even when I had to get up with her every day at 5am, it was worth it to see that sweet face.

Tired and happy. A mommy's constant state of being, I think.