The Best Concert. Ever.

Ah, James and Carole.

Hubby and I had the best time last night at the concert. THE. BEST.

We heard 2 hours plus an encore of some of the best songs ever written. No opening act, just an evening of James and Carole.

I pretty much smiled the whole way through the concert, I was just so happy to be there.

I would complain about the atrocious traffic-directing by the Glendale police that nearly caused us to be late (due to a graduation in the football stadium next door) but right now I'm floating along, tired but happy, ruminating over last night's memories and I don't want to ruin that with mean thoughts.

I like my happy place and I'm staying there as long as possible.

It was truly the best concert I've ever attended.

P.S. I just wanted to note that security didn't check my purse and the metal detectors where turned off. The security lady at the door said they were using the honor system last night. So apparently it works like this:

*James Taylor and Carole King = Honor System
*Snoop Dogg or Metallica = Checking Every Pocket and Even Places They Shouldn't Touch

I'm sure it's an age-related thing. Hubby and I were definitely in the minority last night with regards to history :) It is actually part of what made the show so enjoyable - everyone was there to listen to music. Well, everyone except one woman about 4 rows behind us who, during the 2nd set, started screaming during the songs to the point no one in our area could hear, but she got put in her place. She ignored a few "shut ups" but when the mature lady behind us yelled back "Be respectful, please", the screamer put a cork in it and only opened her mouth in between songs. So, to the nice motherly lady sitting behind us: our section thanks you :)

P.S.S. James Taylor and Carole King were awesome!!