Two Lil' Toofies

Do you know how hard it is to get a picture of baby teeth?

I've been trying for about 6 weeks now, and this is the first good shot of them I've captured. Seriously.

Of course, I finally get a good picture of those sweet little toofies and my child looks doped up. Lovely :)

Also ... drum roll please ... we have a walker! Maggie has been taking one or two steps at a time for a bit but would always sit down or grab onto something, but it's like something finally clicked this past Tuesday and she realized she could do this ... and she been doing nothing else since! It's so cute! We have had a couple of face-plants and noggin'-knockers, which I've been told to expect, but on the whole she is doing so well. She's so proud of herself that she squeals when she walks, which is the funniest thing.

I am trying to capture this momentous feat on video but, as you may know if you've visited here often, Maggie isn't the most accommodating child when it comes to documenting her life. So far I have lots of crawling footage (because she can get to the Flip faster that way than walking) but I'll keep trying. Hopefully we'll have walking video footage before she starts kindergarten :)

Happy Friday everyone!