Mother's Day ... It's All About the Food, Right?

We had a lovely Mother's Day yesterday. Hubby, my brother and I bought and cooked dinner for the family. We all gathered at my mom's house after church for grilled Polly burgers and hotdogs, grilled cilantro-lime corn on the cob, baked potato fries, and strawberry shortcake.

(My mom provided deviled eggs and Hubby's brought homemade whipped cream for the shortcake, because really, they are both better at those things than I am.)

Quite the way to tell moms that you love them: feed 'em fit to bursting.

We then had a Wii Golf Tournament, in which the lone female (moi) was triumphant ... it cracks me up, really, because Hubby is a pretty good golfer, but I kick his booty on Wii golf and it rankles him.

Our daughter enjoyed a day of Pass the Maggie with the grandparents, but unlike Christmas, she did much better with having so many people around and noisy and busy. (She'd have to get used to it 'cause that's a normal family gathering for us.) Plus, she has a walker at my mom's so that allowed her some unheld, free-time which I am sure helped tremendously.

And fabulous parents that Hubby and I are, we realized as we were driving home that Maggie should have eaten dinner about 40 minutes prior. Oops. She wasn't fussy or anything (seriously, we have the most laid back baby on the planet) but still ... you feel bad. So, Hubby and I congratulated ourselves on our top-notch parenting skills, blamed the Wii and the Suns play-off game, and raced home to feed the Doodle.

Needless to say, Maggie ate well.

She didn't seem to be harboring any ill-will towards us and gave us our usual slobbery kisses at bedtime. So glad she's not the type to hold a grudge :)

And finally, to all the women in my life, in honor of Mother's Day:

"Some people try to separate womanhood from motherhood. But, I believe, at heart each woman is a mother. Even those women who are not married yet, who may choose to remain single … yet they are “mothers-at-heart” to their nieces, to the neighbor’s kids, even to those children who have been left orphaned. We are mothers when we smile at children we don’t know who are just passing by, when we take time to chat and interact with “children of all ages”, including those adults entering their second, or perhaps third, childhoods. ... Mother's Day is for all of us." ~Nancy Russell Catan