Maggie's Play Station

A whirl of activity.

That's what our Maggie-Doodle is when she's in her Little Einstein Discover and Play Entertainer. This was a gift from some of the ladies at my work and I gotta tell ya ... Maggie loves it.

The stuff that makes noise? Totally her favorite.

It's so fun to watch how intent she is when playing, as she processes and learns.

Babies are so amazing!

Maggie's getting so big that her feet are flat on the bottom. She could only touch with her tippy-toes just a few short weeks ago! She's growing so fast ... sometimes I wish I could suspend time right now, just for a bit, so we can enjoy extra moments at this age because she's just so fun.


But ... since I can't, I'm just going to enjoy every single second I have with this beautiful smiley little girl.