Halloweeny Game Time

Here's my little Auburn Tiger on her 1st Halloween!

She totally pooped out at the game (ASU v Cal ... we have got to teach these folks out here how to enjoy a football game!!) ... and it was ridiculously hot for an October football game, so we had to strip her down to her onesie. We were all sweaty and hot by the time we left.

Maggie also came to my work on Friday to go 'trick-or-treating' ... for college money, since she's too young for candy. I think maybe she got a quarter ... gotta start somewhere!!

We also visited Samantha, where I had recently put up her fall flowers. As you can see, Maggie very much wanted to get her hands on them ... so she could put them in her mouth, of course :)

Hope y'all had a nice weekend, and a blessed All Saints Day.