A Birthday And New Experiences

Our sweet little girl was 7 months old yesterday. Where has the time gone already?! We're practicing sitting up and Maggie is doing so well. Until she looks over her shoulder or reaches in that direction, then she goes 'boom'. But for someone who, technically, should only be 5 months old, she's doing grrrrrrrrreat!

Yesterday was also big because ... (drum roll, please) ... Maggie spent her first night in her bedroom. Yes, yes. I know. It's possible that we kept her too long in the cradle in our room. And I'll be honest, neither Hubby nor I wanted to move her into her room. We like having her right there with us. However, in the interest of not making the transistion difficult for our child, we sucked it up and moved her over. She's still not rolling over (again, I think she's a tad bit lazy - haha!) and we are still swaddling her (because we want to sleep - this child is the Queen of the 30-Minute Nap), so I thought it best to move her while she could stay in her cradle, which she's used to. And she did really, really well. She woke up for her bottle at 4:20 am instead of 5:00 am, but I certainly can't complain about that! I even slept better than I thought I would - I expected to be constantly waking up to listen to the monitor but I didn't. And only went in her room to check on her 3 times ... in 1 hour ... but hey, it could be worse :)

Maggie tried avocado for the first time this weekend. Yeah, that didn't go so well. She ate 3 or 4 spoons of it with the funniest look on her face, decided she didn't like it and wanted her bottle. So, I gave her some, thinking we'd try again with the avocado when blgh. Maggie's body totally and completely rejected the avocado. In it's entirety. Plus, of course, the 4 ounces of milk she'd just been drinking. As Hubby said, it was a gusher.

Needless to say, avocado is off the menu. We're going to try sweet potatoes next.

So, we're just rolling along here. Adjusting to some new things and just enjoying our babe.

Happy Monday, y'all!