SUYL: Halloween Costumes

I love dressing up for Halloween. It's so fun and goofy.

I promise I don't trick-or-treat anymore, though. (The parents look at your weird and may call CPS if you do that without a child of your own ... just any fyi.)

Anyhoo, I can't actually put my hands on any pictures of my costumes from Halloween Past, but I can remember being:

... a doggie (that was my 1st - I know there's a picture somewhere)

... an angel

... a belly dancer (that was when I was 16 and had a much better body ... my post-baby belly dances all on its own now, thankyouverymuch, no costume needed)

... a Roman. I know. Sounds odd, but we went as a family. My parents were Caesar and Wife, I was a Roman noble-woman, my brother was a centurian, and Hubby ... well ... Hubby isn't into dressing up. At all. Thought we were all nuts and refused to dress like a Roman. He said he would only wear his brown tunic (he was Peter for our Good Friday Passion reading), so we dubbed him the Christian martyr to our Roman pagans. We had fun :)

What I am really looking forward now is Halloween with Maggie. I have to admit, with all the scary-scaries out there, I would much rather do a fall festival at church or a party with friends than trick-or-treat at random houses like we used to do all those years ago.

But the costumes ... I'm so excited about Maggie's first costume!

Can y'all guess what she's going to be?

If you consider my passion for college football, and one team in particular, it's not to hard to figure out.

'Cause Maggie is going to be an Auburn Tiger ... and ya just can't top that in my book :)

I'll post pictures of our little cutie as soon as possible!