Josie News

I wanted to share an update on Josie, since so many of you have prayed for her and asked about her. For those of you new to her story, you can read a couple of posts listed under Josie's Journey.

Below is a letter from her parents letting everyone know what's what in the world of Josie, so I'm just going to copy it verbatim. And include her picture because, well, she's just stinkin' cute!

Happy Halloween 2009!

Rather than our scheduled vacation to the Outer Banks for Josie's 1st trip to the beach - we spent the majority of September with Josie in Akron Children's Hospital. After almost 2 months full of appointments & tests to get answers as to why Josie was experiencing violent gagging & choking episodes every day, Josie endured a complex surgery which lasted 4-1/2 hours & involved 5 procedures to her esophagus & stomach.

Post-surgery, Josie's feeding routine changed which caused Josie much discomfort & mommy to "go over the edge"! However, now, her feedings are going well and she has significantly less gagging & choking. Josie is still not taking anything by mouth, but is making great progress with putting solid food to her lips and sticking out her tongue to taste things.

Late September, we met with the kidney transplant team at Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh and began donor testing for daddy or mommy to give Josie a kidney. To everyone's surprise, mommy was not a match for Josie. Daddy & Josie had further testing on October 8th. We should have those test results at the end of October - thus the reason for our delay of this note to you! I was hoping to have more specific information to report to you on this.

Developmentally, Josie continues to amaze us every day! She is just about 24 pounds and sitting on her own. She is standing on her own while holding onto the couch and will take steps while holding onto someone's fingers. Just today, she pulled herself from sitting on her Dora chair to standing at her activity center - all by herself!

Our continued thanks for your love, prayers & support - we will update you again soon.

All Our Best,
Louie, Jean Marie & Josie

Yeah, Josie! As you can tell from the picture, she's growing like a little weed, and has met her weight requirement for the transplant surgery. I know her parents are grateful for your prayers for this sweet gift from God. Please continue to keep her kidney transplant needs in the forefront of petitions on her behalf.

As I am updated, so will you be also.

PS: While I've got your attention, would you also pray for Stellan, if you're not already? He's been in the hospital for the past couple of days or so with his heart condition (SVT) and is not out of the woods. Unknown as to what actions will be taken once he's stablized and his meds are levelled out again, whether he'll be allowed to go back home, or will need another ablation even though they are trying to put it off until he's grown more, or what. Check out MckMama for updates.

Thanks for being the awesome, supportive, bloggy friends y'all are - God Bless.