In Praise Of Bananas

Just thought I'd let y'all know that Maggie tried bananas for the first time on Monday.

And now, 3 times a day when we sit down to eat, Maggie must vocalize her love of bananas whilst consuming them.

Seriously. She has a spoonful in her mouth and is "hyumm-hyumm-mmmm, mmm-mm, mm-mm-hyumm-mm-mm, hyum-hyum-hmm, mmm" the whole time she's chewing (and I use that word in the loosest sense, but can't think of another descriptive. Gumming, maybe? Anyhoo ...).

Once she swallows, of course, the 'hyumming' stops. Until the next spoonful of heavenly goodness is placed in her mouth, and she starts up again, like a wind-up toy.

And we're definitely less messy when it's something we like, which is fine with me, because fyi: if you let baby cereal concoctions sit for longer than .03 seconds withouth stirring, it hardens like cement. (I'm convinced you can mortar a house with this stuff!)

If I can get Hubby to help, I'm going to record Maggie's banana-loving sounds, because it cracks me up.

Babies are so stinkin' cute :)