PRAY, Friends!!

A friend just called to ask if I'd read McMama's blog today. At that point I had not, so she explained that McMama's infant son, Stellan, is in the Children's Hospital with SVT, which is the issue he had in-utero last year, but which, through God's power in answer to the prayers of believers all over the world, he was healed of.

At least, we thought he was.

Now, out of the blue clear sky, Stellan is sick again. His heart is racing (in the 300's at times) and an ultrasound shows that it is enlarged.

Please stop for a moment and pray for Stellan. Pray for his recovery and that his heart be healed. Pray for his parents, that they find comfort and strength in Jesus. Pray for the acceptance of God's plan, which can always be trusted even if it hurts us. Pray, friends.

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