We Only Go to 39

Another good doctor's visit today. BP is good, Peanut's heartbeat is good (154), he/she is moving around like a champ (though seems most inclined to do that when I'm trying to go to sleep!), and my blood sugar levels are good. They did tweak my fasting insulin again but I was told it is not unusual for that to happen and that, really, the doctors actually expect to tweak insulin levels, especially as we get into the 3rd trimester. So, as far as all that goes, seems we're doing just fine.

I met with Sue Ellen (where's JR?!), one of the nurse-midwives, today. After going over all of the above, we then talked about the next stage of our prenatal care, so I have a couple of new things to share with y'all.

1) Beginning in 2 weeks, I will start fetal monitoring twice a week, just to check on how Peanut's doing. My next ultrasound will be on March 31st and they'll check Peanut's growth and make sure the bugger looks good. At that time, they will also check on the fluid levels surrounding Peanut to ensure all is well in that department, too.

2) My due date has changed. Maybe not technically, but they're not going to let me go all the way to 40 weeks due to the risk factors I keep piling up (and add to them the fact that I am now officially 35 years old ... ack!). So, in essence, my due date has changed to May 19th (which, btw, is what I have said should be my real due date all along. Ahem). Anyway, if I have not gone into labor on my own, they plan to induce on or about May 19th.

Now, with this new development I realize there are a few of you who may wish to change your guess on our Expect Net game (I think I hear groaning from the vicinity of Ohio ~ hi, Scott!). It should be open for you to delete your guess and submit a new one (you may need to login to do this, but I'm not sure). If you have any problems, just email me. I'll delete your current guess and then you can go in and resubmit. There will be a prize for best overall guess...don't ask me what that will be. Beyond bragging rights, I haven't figured it out, but there will be something. Also, the game will be "closed" on May 1st, which means no new guesses will be allowed. So, all y'all out there who want to join in the fun, be sure you register your guess before May 1st. You don't have to be invited - if you're one of the many who came here through other people, or who have been praying for Jorde, Peanut and me, feel free to jump in and play - there is an ExpectNet button on the sidebar that will take you to our game, so feel welcome :)

Okay, I think that's it. As always, we'll continue to keep y'all updated. Thanks and thanks and thanks for all of your prayers and good wishes as we journey to parenthood. We can't wait to share this kiddo with you all!

Love and hugs,