I Just Need a Nap

We began our series of fetal non-stress tests today. Every Tuesday and Friday morning from here on out I will be "relaxing" in a recliner with my belly hooked up to record Peanut's heartbeat, and holding a button that I push every time I feel Peanut move. I say "relaxing" because, even though they call it a non-stress test, it seems to cause me a little anxiety.

The purpose of this is so they can monitor Peanut and make sure the kiddo is appropriately active (according to some standardized testing parameters ... don't get me started on standardized testing ...).

Anyway, our biophysical ultrasound today shows that everything looks good (heartbeat was 145, weight and size are on target), it's just that our babe is not a morning person. Which makes sense 'cause neither of Peanut's parents are morning people, either. I told the nurse and the tech - who would both jiggle my belly or buzz my belly with a wacky contraption to try and get him/her to move around ('cause, ya know, that wouldn't be annoying to anyone) - that if we did this between 8pm and 10pm, they'd get all kinds of movement, as that is when Peanut is most awake. They seemed very reluctant to work around Peanut's schedule, and continued trying to prod my child into activity at 8:15am. Peanut, however, did not want to wake from morning nap time. And really, who could blame the kid?! At this point, I would LOVE morning nap time, and might not be very welcoming of being shoved around, either.

So begins our newest adventure. I am sincerely hoping this is not an indication of how the next few weeks are going to go because I do not need anxiety over whether or not my kid moves as much as they want him/her to based on an average. This is just the beginning of parental worrying, isn't it? Blaaahhh.

In other news ... we were blessed this past Saturday with loving family and friends at a shower for Peanut. We received lots of fabulous items for which we are so grateful. We appreciate everything everyone has done - and continues to do - for our family. Y'all are the best :)

Also, please continue to keep Stellan in your prayers. He's been in the hospital for 10 days or so now. His doctors haven't yet been able to stop the SVT and his little body is tuckered out. Check out MckMama here for updates ... though I'm warning you, she's reached a limit and is a bit un-MckMama at the moment, so don't expect anything upbeat. It's pretty raw over there right now, understandably so.

32 weeks and counting ...

PS: I thought it noteworthy to let y'all know Peanut is currently up from his/her nap and nudging like a champ. I'm sure that's because there are no monitors currently hooked up to us. Our babe has been extremely uncooperative this entire pregnancy with regards to monitoring. Yea, us :)