NST, Take 2

So, I had my second stressful non-stress test today. I doubt I'm going to post about this twice a week, but I am today just because I'm a bit frustrated.

Once again, Peanut did not cooperate or "quite pass" his/her test (click here for info on NST). Again with the belly buzzing and bouncing. Even though I've told the nurses and docs MULTIPLE times that they have scheduled me during our babe's most inactive time of day, they don't listen. Or, they are just not super-concerned, in which case, quit making me so worried. Anyway, I had another biophysical profile today, which they had to squeeze me in for as I was not scheduled for one, just to be sure everything is A-OK.

So there was more sitting and waiting.

And sitting and waiting.

And once again, Peanut looks just fine. Heartbeat is good, I got to see Peanut's chest moving up and down doing practice-breathing, size and all is on target, nothing hinky going on with babe or baby-sustaining parts. Of course, he didn't want to wake up for the ultrasound tech, either.

Big surprise there.

What part of "my child is not a morning person" they aren't hearing, I just don't know. But they're stressing me out. To the point tha I had a bad dream last night about failing this test and having all manner of baby-related problems and woke up crying. To quote Charlie Brown, "Good Grief!"

To us, it just looks like we have a late sleeper on our hands. Which is good. I'm a little worried that's because it's Party Central at 2 am and I'm just able to sleep through that right now, but I guess we'll find out about that pretty darn soon :)

So, to summarize: Peanut's good. And just in case you're wondering, Hubby's good, too. And I'm good (if you don't count funky dreams and tons of needles).

Oh, and sometime during our 36th or 37th week, the docs want to get me on the schedule for my induction (which will be during week 39). The doc today (Dr. Lam - who was a doc we saw in the hospital with Samantha) said they would actually prefer for me to be induced, as oppposed to going into labor on my own, because of the blood-thinner I'm on.

I'm officially at the "whatever" point and just ready to get this thing goin' already!

Oh oh (ya know, like p.s.s.), we're officially beginning to clear out the baby room this Saturday (after the breastfeeding class we're BOTH attending - if anything noteworthy happens or Hubby just goes into a catatonic state, I'll be sure to let y'all know), so be sure to send "good cleaning" vibes our way :)

Okay, I think the rambling is done for now. Thanks for playing along.