Prozac, Anyone?

Dang, y'all.

I don't know if the State of Arizona is going to survive the all-out-crazy, super-excited, oh-my-goodness-can-you-believe-it, pinch-me fun leading up to this weekend's NFC title game here between the Philadelphia Eagles and our own AZ Cardinals.

Not that I care, really - I just can't get away from it. I love football in the college arena, but only watch NFL when Hubby is home, 'cause, ya know, a Sunday/Monday cannot pass without watching some pro-football or the world might implode. (Or some such nonsensical excuse to get me to switch the channel away from House.)

But I digress. We were talking about the possible need to medicate my state en masse.

Granted, the Cards haven't gone this far in the playoffs since coming to AZ (as far as I know), so everyone - even folks who don't normally follow football - are so excited I think passing out Depends may be a real need soon. Even the talking heads were in disbelief last week! And, if they're this hyper about a conference title game, what is going to happen if (when?) they advance to the Super Bowl?

Y'all, I may have to move.

Either that or the shock of it just might lessen our population to the point that I can get into a restaurant for a date-night with Hubby and not have a 45 minute wait.

(Not that I have issues with that. Or have pregnancy-induced fits of impatience for all other breathing beings standing between me and a dinner that I need (need?) no later than 7pm. NO LATER THAN 7PM! Hello?! 7pm, People!)

Anyhu, I will say this: I am soooo glad at this moment that they no longer play at Sun Devil Stadium (very near my church), and that Glendale is far, far away so traffic won't be an issue for me. 'Cause ya know, it's all about my comfort level :)

Oh, and a total side-note but I'm going to bore you with my thinking anway - and keep in mind, I never "followed" the NFL until Jorde: the first time I heard of the Arizona Cardinals was in the movie Jerry Maguire. I thought the team was made up. Really. Cardinals?! What a stupid name for a desert-area football team! So I was sure it was a fake team used for the movie. Until I moved here. Why, oh why, didn't the owner (Mr. "One-Scoop After a Win" Bidwell) change to a more area-minded team name when he moved the franchise? It's my big pet-peeve where this team is concerned.

I figured you wanted to know ... and you're welcome :)