Hubby and the Uncomfortable Situation

My Hubby cracks me up, y'all.

I wish you could've been a fly on the wall last night while he was relaying this story to me, because I'm not sure I can do it justice here. But I will try.

First, though, a little background info.

Those of you who know Jorde are aware of his, well, avoidance of all things medical. And not just for him, but as a witness to others, especially when it comes to girl-stuff (seriously, I'm impressed he made it through all the happenings in April, folks). So, needless to say, depending on the, um, extent of the OB visit, he has been known to leave the room and return to the waiting area until the uncomfortable time is over and the nurse sounds the "all clear". And it's not even happening to him.

So, now that you know that...

He came home last night from work and handed me a note with a name and phone number on it, and the website http://www.milksmile.com/ listed. When I asked what it was for, he threw his hands up and said in an exasperated voice, "It's about breast pumps!" Ya know, like I had forced this knowledge upon him. I will say, it's nothing I would have ever expected to hear comin' outta his mouth!

It seems that he and a customer at the music store started chatting about the economy and how business was doing, and Jorde mentioned that their band rentals were really what was keeping them going nowadays. The customer agreed that his rentals were also helping keep his business above-water. Of course, Jorde asked what the customer did for a living, and the response he received was, "I rent breast pumps."

Take a minute and imagine the look on Jorde's face. Really, go ahead.

Of course, this was a customer he was talking to, so he couldn't just leave. He was stuck in the breast pump conversation. You'd think he was being tortured, what with the put-upon attitude he had while retelling this story.

I totally laughed! And he saw the humor in the Hubby-having-a-breast-pump-conversation and laughed, as well, though you know he would have been happier had the whole thing never happened.

The upside? His customer said he would give us a good deal when we're ready for a breast pump. And a good deal is always welcome.

Plus, ya know, there's always the actual story to tell - that alone makes it worth it in my book :)