Oh, the Sweetest Thing

I think my sweet tea consumption is causing an unnatural expansion in my belly region.

Of course, that could just be the Peanut I'm currently growing, but ya never know.

Aaahhh, sweet tea. The nectar of God (I'm pretty sure this is offered in Heaven. Oh please, let it be offered in Heaven!)

My love for this beverage should be pretty evident based on the TITLE OF MY BLOG, but just in case subtlety is lost on some of y'all: sweet tea is my favorite-est drink. Favorite-est.

And recently, McDonald's has begun offering sweet tea - and for the wonderful bargain price of a dollar for a large. Oh, the love I have for McDonald's right now.

Those of you back home (read: Alabama) are wondering why this is such a big deal. Isn't sweet tea offered at every McDonald's? NO. IT. ISN'T. Please keep this in mind when venturing from home, Southerners. It seems that not everyone drinks sweet tea.

Oh, the horror!

(I actually discovered this weird sweet-tea-is-not-a-universal-drink phenomenon in Louisiana, of all places. I've had sweet tea all over the South, and then I visited Ashli, in Louisiana. While still a Southern state, they apparently are outside of the sweet-tea-serving-South because I was accused by a waitress of being a tourist when I ordered sweet tea with a meal there. What-what? It was like I'd entered some alternate-Yankeefied-parallel universe. No sweet tea in a Southern restaurant? Just shameful.)

And as my brain does not always function on all cylinders (refer here for explanation), and I often forget that I haven't made any tea until I want tea, I am single-handedly keeping Mickey D's sweet tea distribution numbers high.

Which is good, since we surely do not want this sweetness to disappear. Ever.