21 Weeks and All Is Well

Five months and counting, y'all :) Is it weird that pregnancy seems to take forever and flies by at the same time?

Most of y'all know I've been going in for weekly ultrasounds for 4 weeks now, to monitor for incompetent cervix. Today I graduated from weekly to every two weeks - yea! All measurements continue to come in great and no changes apparent. Praise God!

Also (and I don't think I've mentioned this yet), at the baseline ultrasound the tech noticed a polyp that now seems to be taking care of itself, which is good news, as well.

God is taking good care of us and Peanut.

Blessings abound, friends, and you all have a part in that. You've heard this from me many times and will continue to hear it, but always know I mean it - THANK YOU!

For your prayers, encouragement, love, and support, Jordan and I are sincerely grateful.

Much love and blessings to each of you,