We received another good progress report from our doctor today. I cannot tell you how relieving it is to have everything going so smoothly.

Ya know, except for the mild anxiety twice a day when I have to shoot myself. That has not gotten any easier! But other than that, all is well :)

In case you like specifics: my blood pressure is good (128/72), Peanut's heartbeat is strong (145 bpm), and no issues to report from my end. Dr. Spence (we finally got to see her again!) commented that she wished all her patients could be as complaint-free - and when you consider the nature of her specialty, I guess she does hear a lot of complaining.

But not from me :)

We did find out that Dr. Spence works out of Banner Desert, which is a bummer because we'll deliver at Good Samaritan. Jorde and I both really like her and were hoping she'd be "on" when our time comes, but it's not to be. Although, the likelihood of getting Drs. Elliot, Perlow or Lam are very good for us, and as they are all fabulous docs (we saw each of them in April), we're cool with that :)

And ... I felt Peanut's first movements on Sunday! Everyone kept telling me it would feel like a "flutter" (which, btw, I wasn't necessarily looking forward to, as I am currently easily nauseated), but Sunday evening I felt a nudge, then another, then another. And again on Monday. And Tuesday. And today. Not super consistent yet, though I feel it more in late morning and in the evening (after snacks and dinner!). Kinda cool ... and weird ... but definitely cool :)

Your prayers are working, friends, so keep it up! Thanks so much, and we can't wait to share the birth news of our Peanut with you all!

22 weeks and counting ...