It's a Southern Thing

Some of y'all are not gonna care one whit about this post. But I don't care, I'm sharin' anyway!

I came across a blog today that made me grin like the Chesire Cat.

Most of y'all are aware that I'm a transplanted Southerner (as often evidenced by the common use of "y'all" in my posts). I'm Alabama born-n-raised, with a short stint in Texas thrown in for good measure. I love the South (yes, always with a capital S). It's in my blood - I cringe at the idea that I may live my grandchil'en years in Arizona (please, God, naw!!). I've spoken before about the manners that are expected there that I hope to instill in our children (yes ma'am, no ma'am, etc), and the little kindnesses that happen between folks who don't even know each other (an 80 year-old gentlemen holding a door open for you, getting a wave from a back-roads wanderer as you pass in the car, every car pulling off the road as a funeral procession passes). Then there's the food...mmmm-mm! And the scenery. God blessed that land with beauty and none-a y'all will ever convince me there's a better place on earth! The land of porch sittin', sweet tea drinkin', and firefly catchin' in the evening dusk. I admit I get homesick quite often.

Now, I'm not delusional. The humidity sucks (although I only realized that after not living in it a few years - good hair days are easier when you're not battling frizz) - it saps your energy and makes you look like you need another shower at 1 o'clock in the afternoon. And it makes mosquitoes, I just know it (my hubby thought I was kidding him when I told him about the special "mosquito trucks" that drive around in the early evening spraying bug-killing-stuff into the air).

My point is: I know no place is perfect - but the South is awful close. And more importantly, it's close to my heart.

So, I came across BooMama's blog today and bless-her-heart, y'all, it felt a little like being at home! You can hear her accent in her writing and I love it!

Of course, she apparently believes her presence at her parent's house caused the Georgia win over Auburn in '07 and was happy about that, so we may never be able to watch SEC football together without throwin' down, but otherwise, I have totally enjoyed visitin' over at her blog.

One post in particular that I loved can be accessed by clicking here - it cracked me up because I remember all those rules!!

So, I hope all y'all enjoy a trip down home - and y'all come back now, ya here?!