Aunt Sister

I just found out that my Aunt Sister (my aunt, my mom's sister...and yes, that's what we call her) is having heart surgery tomorrow, back home in Alabama. My understanding is that first she'll have a heart cath done, and whatever the outcome of that is will determine whether she has a pacemaker implanted, or has heart bypass surgery.

Just so ya know, she's one of the Crossley relations I referred to in the post about my lab results, so she has had many heart/health issues through the years, this just being the latest.

My Aunt Sister is a wonderful, happy, faithfilled woman - and one of the funniest storytellers I know. It's truly a gift! She was out here visiting earlier this year and what a blast we had with her - I hated to see her go home :) We all love her so much and are praying for her recovery. Any prayers for her health and safe passage through surgery tomorrow will be so appreciated.

Thank y'all so much for being prayer supporters for me and my family. We love you, we appreciate you, and we thank God that you're in our lives.

P.S. Thanks for putting up with my little rant yesterday. I know I don't need to apologize for it...it's my blog for corn's sake...but I so rarely thrust my opinion on people that I can't help it. I can say with almost certainty that you will never have to read another political-type post here again. Not that I don't stick by what I said, because I do. Can you tell someone got under my skin yesterday? :)