3rd Time's the Charm

***Update: Our niece, Megan, suggested that our countdown ticker be called a Webb Cam ... so, Megan, just for you we changed it :) ***

Y'all are not going to believe this.

Heck, I didn't believe it until official confirmation just a little while ago.

Are you ready?

Okay, here goes ...

I'm pregnant. 8 weeks. Really. Pretty quick, huh?

I've been in a bit of a daze these past 2 weeks. When our home test came back as "Pregnant", I literally stared at it, waiting for it to stop pulling my leg and give me the other (more expected) outcome. But it didn't. I even wondered if the "lights" were bad in my particular brand of test and the "Not" part just burned out (yes, I realize that's ridiculous, there are no lights in these gadgets, but I was slowly going into shock at that moment and comprehensive thought had just flown out the window). My brain just refused to accept the information.

Of course, I woke Jorde up to tell him the news ... he, too, was surprised (we'd had a negative test 2 weeks prior), but seemed to accept the information pretty quickly, kissed me, then rolled over and went back to sleep.

Oh, that I could shut off my brain that easily.

(Deep breath in. Deep breath out.)

It's not that we aren't happy. Of course we're happy - in a reserved and scared silly kind of way. It's just, well, this was the first month we were "allowed" to try again, and we didn't really try. At all. Plus, we expected it to take a few months, like it always has. Which just means, as with our other 2 babies, that this child is here on God's terms, not ours...just hopefully, this one won't be going to live with Him for a long, long, long, long time. Loooong time. Long.

So, for our friends who requested to know specifics about what to pray for when we were once again "in the family way", here you go:

* no blood clots - this was the biggest problem last time, and the one our doctors are trying to prevent with the anti-coagulation meds I will soon be starting - my high blood pressure can also impact this negatively, even though it's controlled medically - it was also mentioned that pre-eclampsia could be an issue, as well as another placental abruption (10% chance) due to that happening last time, so please keep that in mind, as well

* safe and healthy pregnancy & delivery - everyone always wants this, of course, but I just really feel the need to include that because, honestly, I want to come through this as well as the baby - there's enough medical stuff going on to make anyone nervous, and though I try not to be, I'm definitely nervous

* healthy baby that we get to take home with us - duh, right? But it's worth making a point of saying, in our case

We'll keep you all updated as everything progresses. I'm pretty open about our baby-medical information because I think the more people know the better their prayers will be. I know I'm that way when praying for other people - the more you know, the more specific your petition.

Also, just for fun (for me, at least), on the sidebar is a baby countdown ticker that shows the fetal stage of our Webb-let, counting down to our due date, which, by the way, is May 26th (no nickname, as yet, but we'll let you know when we have one).

Thank you, in advance, for all of the prayers offered for us and this little one. They are all appreciated more than you know.

My precious Jesus, we thank You for our unborn child. We treasure this child as a gift from You. Our child was created in Your image, perfectly healthy and complete. You have known our child since conception and know the path of his life. I ask Your blessing upon our baby. It is in You, Lord, that our child will live and move, and have his being. He is Your offspring and will come to worship and praise You.

Heavenly Father, I thank and praise You for the great things You have done and are continuing to do. I am in awe at the miracle of life You have placed inside of me. Thank You! Amen.