A Quick Political Rant - Just Because I Can

Can I just say it? I hate politics.

It is uninteresting to me and a constant source of conflict between all manner of people - and I avoid conflict as much as possible in my life. I mean, who needs it?

But some people - ya know, the ones who like politics, who enjoy debate, who get that crazy gleam in their eyes whenever an issue is raised or their candidates name is mentioned - are so dang tenacious about bringing you over to their side! And how dare I not know the "truth" about the issues (whose truth, I ask), why are you not supporting so-and-so, don't you care about your country, how can you possibly disagree with me?! They are always right, and you are not, so be sure to remember that. How frustrating!

I am very aware, however reluctantly, that it is my duty, not only as a US citizen but as a Christian, to vote and do my part to steer our country down the path I believe God wants us to go. The only problem with that is this: not everybody is letting God lead their decisions. If they were, abortion would be a non-issue. It seems to me - a non-political junkie, an outsider if you will - that God is only in politics when it's thought to be helpful in winning votes. Say what you will (and since it's my blog, I will), our country was founded on basic Christian principles, and the further we get from them, the bigger the hole we seem to be digging for ourselves.

Take this whole economic bailout disaster. Get to the root of the problem and do you know what you have? Greed, plain and simple. And not just on one side.

And that leaves us, the people who pay our mortgages on time every month, who struggle sometimes to keep our heads above water, to fork over more of our money to fix someone else's mistakes.

It just irks me.

I know, I know. Our economy can't afford to get worse. I just get testy when we have difficulty paying off all of our doctor's bills and the government doesn't care to step in and bail us out. I don't see the mom-and-pop business down the street getting a hand-out either. Can't make ends meet? So sorry - but we'll be taking more taxes, regardless.

So, know this about me, where politics are concerned - I do love my country, very, very much. I support our troops, but don't know how I feel about the war. I'm worried and ashamed of some of the actions of our leaders on issues, but I'm not them and don't have to answer for those choices on Judgement Day. I will fulfill my voting duty, even if it's not my favorite thing to do, and whether you like my candidate or not really doesn't matter to me.

Can we just not talk about it?