Shot Through the Heart...

...and you're to blame, darlin', you give lo-o-ove a bad name! naaa-naa na-na-na-na naa-na!

Oh. Sorry. My love of Bon Jovi overcame me for a moment.

But, speaking of being shot...

We had our teaching session for the lovenox medication today. All I can say is, this baby better know how much I love him :)

I have much more respect for my Nanny Crossley now, who was diabetic. I remember as a child watching her give herself shots like it was no big deal. Too bad I didn't have that reaction today.

I was able to keep it together until after I'd given myself the shot. Little bit of a meltdown once it was all over, though. I'm sure it's mostly because I'd worked myself up over this whole thing ... plus, it's just freaky. I don't watch other people poke me, I always turn my head. So actually having to watch myself give myself a shot ... uber freaky!! But, I did it, so hopefully it will get easier. If not, there's always Jorde :)

On the upside, I think the nurse practioner (Val) felt bad for me because I was crying and upset, and asked, "Would you like to see the heartbeat on ultrasound?" Well, I am never going to turn down that opportunity, so for the second time this week, we got to see our little Webb-let. Heartbeat was strong and fast (probably in the 170s, we were told) so...so far, so good :)