A Day with Royalty

Maggie had a special outing earlier today. After Mass, Nana and Papaw treated Maggie and me to a youth theatre production of Rodger's and Hammerstein's Cinderella. You know me, I love anything theatre oriented, so we were both excited.

The best part? You could show up an hour before the show and meet all the Disney princesses.

Maggie was entralled, but instead of bouncey fun, she took the whole thing very serious. She believes the girls are real princesses, and it was a BIG OLE DEAL for Doodlebug.

The girls who played the princesses were super sweet, and got down on the kids' level to talk to them and take pictures. They even signed autographs!

Maggie kept wanting to find Rapunzel - I think we chatted with her 3 separate times. The last time she spoke to her, Maggie asked her, Where is Eugene? Thankfully, Rapunzel brought her A-game, because she had her answer ready: he was back at the castle waiting for her. Maggie's next question was Where is all you hair? Rapunzel told her it was all there but looks shorter when it's braided. Maggie just stared at Rapunzel and seemed a bit skeptical, but she accepted the answer :)

The musical was very cute, put on by a summer youth theatre program with ages from 4 to 18. Maggie seemed to enjoy herself, though she kept trying to leave her seat. When I finally asked where she was going, she told me I jus' wanna tawk to Cindawel'wa. Cinderella was not available for the pre-show meet-and-greet because she was preparing to go on stage, but there was to be a post-show version with Cinderella and Charmin' (that's what Maggie call Prince Charming ... just Charmin'), and once I explained that to Maggie, she did quit trying to walk down the aisle to the stage, though she would occassionally call out her name, trying to call her over :)

All of this was occurring during what is normally the Doodle's nap time. She did really well, but fell asleep literally as the curtain calls were happening, so she never saw Cinderella in her wedding dress. I couldn't wake her up - the girl was OUT, she even slept through all the applause - and as the lights came up and people were passing us as I sat with her in my arms, we got quite a few "aw, couldn't make it til midnight" remarks. I felt bad for the girl because Cinderella is her default favorite princess, but all in all, she had an overwhelmingly fun time :)