Mommy Loves Theatre ... Pass It On

Anyone who knows me, knows how much I love the theatre. Love love love love love love theatre. To date, the best Christmas gift I have ever gotten were season tickets to ASF, back when I was in college. (It's the place I miss most back home.)

I am hoping to instill a love of theatre in Maggie, so we're starting young! Jorde and I took Maggie to her first play this morning ~ Rapunzel at the Hale Theatre. I figured we couldn't go wrong taking the girl to see a princess :)

The story was based on the original story but Rapunzel was costumed to look like the Tangled version, so of course, all the little girls just loved her! Maggie sat very well, and watched and watched and watched. She kept standing up and calling out, "Papunzel! Papunzel!". When I would shush her, so would look at me and say, "But I just want to talk to Papunzel," like I was crazy for asking her to be quiet. She didn't care that there were actors on the stage (it was a small in-the-round presentation), or people in the audience trying to watch - she just wanted to talk to the princess! It was cute and funny, and took all my control not to laugh out loud at how serious she was about it.

Unfortunately, when the play was over and we all got in line to meet Rapunzel, the prince was there, too. Maggie loves her princesses, but the princes ... not so much. At least, not the live ones that are 6 feet tall :) So, no picture of my girl and Rapunzel but a fun morning for our little family, nonetheless.

She did so well, we may have to see Snow White when it opens next month. I makes me happy to share one of my favorite things with my girl. I hope it is a love we can share for years to come :)

PS: it just occurred to me that the reason Maggie didn't like the prince may have been because he looked nothing like Eugene from Tangled. My girl is a stickler for those details :)