It's About Time

Maggie has been very interested in time lately. She will be playing, completely absorbed in what she is doing, only to run up to me and ask Mommy, what time is it? I also get this question a lot in the car (or Mommy's Jeep-Jeep, as Maggie calls it).

Well, last night as we were driving home I hear from the backseat Maggie's second favorite question*: Mommy, what time is it? To which I answered It is five-twenty-eight. She asked me again, and I replied again. Then I hear Mommy, I don't have a cwock. I don't have a cwock fu Maggie's aawm or Maggie's woom. I asked her if she wanted one and heard Yeeaah. Then I asked her if that was something she wanted for Christmas and was told Yeeaah. Santy Cwaus bwing a cwock fu Maggie's aawm and Maggie's woom.

So last night, Maggie and Hubby called Santa Claus on her cell phone to tell him. Mrs. Claus answered the phone, but it turns out Maggie is super important to Santa so he took a break from his work to talk to her (Hubby is very good with pretend phone conversations). Maggie usually enjoys 'talking' to her buddies on her cell phone (grandparents, Minnie Mouse, etc), but didn't say anything to Santa - she just sat 'listening' with a sweet little smile on her face. Hubby was sure to convey her message, though. I'm sure it's because she doesn't really 'know' Santa like she does Mickey and Donald and Goofy :)

I purchased a little kids watch for her about a week or so ago for her stocking because I knew how interested she had become with this whole time thing. Now I will be shopping once more to find my girl a clock for her room, as well.

She is funny because whenever she asks me for the time, I always tell her exactly what time it is currently, but if I ask her what time it is, I usually get an answer like It's forty-ten.

(Forty-ten and eighty-ten are often used to describe Baby Emma's temperature when Maggie is doctoring her.)

I am constantly amazed at how Maggie is always learning and how (brilliantly!) smart she is. It is such a joy to watch her figure things out. I'm pretty sure she's going to keep Hubby and me on our toes!

* Her very favorite question is: What (insert family member, Disney character or inanimate object here) doooin'? As in Mommy, what you doooin? or Mommy, what Fwosty doooin'? or Mommy, what kwis'mis twee doooin'? or Mommy, what Cindygwey'ee doooin'? You get the drift - we live in a question asking world :)