Maggie's Christmas Tree

Maggie is enthralled with our Christmas tree.

Actually, she calls it Maggie's Christmas tree. Her favorite question to ask is Maggie Kwis'mus twee dooin'? I usually respond with something like oh, just sitting there looking pretty for you, at which point she runs over and stops just before her feet touch the tree skirt and just stares at it.
She knows not to go past the tree skirt, and not to play with the ornaments - though she really, really wants to. Sometimes I look over and ask her what she's doing and hear, "I not toushin', Mommy. I just yookin'!" (I'm not touching, Mommy. I'm just looking!)

Now, after all the ornament-protecting reinforcement, I feel a bit Grinchy when my sweet girl looks at me and says, I just yookin', Mommy. Like I've taken something fun away from her for no reason.

Not that Maggie is complaining, or even pushing boundaries. It's just me.


Next year I think we will be investing in ornaments for the bottom half of our tree that aren't breakable or sentimental.

Or Maggie will just get her own little tree. My girl just wants to enjoy her Christmas tree, after all J