Come On, Christmas!

Maggie is getting really excited about Christmas. Our conversations nowadays are most often about three things: kwis'miss is Gee-zas burfdee, a king comes! (that's in reference to the 3 wise men - Maggie latched onto the whole they-brought-presents thing pretty quick, plus she is really into princesses and such, so a king fits right into all of that), and Santa comes. She and Hubby have called to 'talk' to Santa a couple of times now, mostly just to verify that he is indeed coming to see Maggie :)

(Last night as I was buckling her in the car, we were talking about Santa and how he only visits the good little boys and girls, and she piped right up with "And Maggie!")

We continue to build on her understanding using her nativity, though when I hear her and Hubby playing together there are a lot of pshews and pows and grawrrs and oh-nos ... makes me worry about that Baby Jesus :)

Maggie's nativity is quite open to visitors - the regulars include Fwosty and the yittle ponies. Frosty does duty as the abominable snowmonster when Hubby is involved, which would account for all the kapows I hear when he's involved :)

Our girl is having fun with Christmas, and Hubby and I are so excited about celebrating with her this year. I have a feeling it will be a memorable one :)