Where's Maggie? A Blanky Tale

Do you see my child?

Look closer.

Did you find her?

She is there, I promise, buried under her pink Blanky (yes, with a capital 'B'). It makes Hubby nervous that Maggie sleeps this way. She wraps her Blanky around the back of her head and covers her face with it. We used to quietly creep in to her room and unwrap her, but when I would check back in a few minutes, Blanky would be right back where it started, so now I pray for safe sleeping. I don't know what else we can really do ... and do not suggest taking away Blanky. Bad bad bad!

Here is a cell phone picture my mom took about a year ago ... note Blanky's placement. Apparently, it is very important to the Doodlebug's ability to sleep well :)

My girl loves her Blanky (b'yanky, in Maggie-speak). Or as I like to think of it, the "magic sleeping blanky". Maggie has taken her naps without it but those are not times we like to recall. Naptime and Nighttime are made infinitely easier with the presence of the Blanky - Nana has even driven to our home to get it when it was left behind, and Hubby and I were at work. Heaven help us the day Blanky goes missing or disintergrates from extreme use and chewing. We are all in trouble then :)