Maggie Words: A Continuation

I want to jot down a few more Maggie pronounciations, for posterity's sake :)

Pokey-nono (Pinocchio)

Peeeeas (Please - drawn out with a little lilt at the end. Totally cute and makes it hard to say no when I should.)

Bon se-wa (Buona sera, which is "good night" in Italian. Papaw is teaching her bits of Italian.)

Khaky-none (with a long 'o' - Chiacchierone, which is Italian for "chatterbox" ... it applies. It's one of her nicknames from her Papaw)

Der-chi (Arrivederci - Italian for "farewell")

Goo job! or Vewy goo job! (good job - she a very encouraging little Bug)

Goo wook, Mommy (Good work, Mommy - see: goo job! I usually hear this after a particularly well-done book reading)

I do it (no translation needed, I just wanted to note that Li'l Miss Independent says this one A LOT, especially when putting on her pj bottoms. I don't know why it's so important for her to put those on herself but it is, so she does (with a tiny bit of help getting the first leg in the right hole), and she is so proud of herself when we're done. It's amazing to watch her learn.)

One-toooo-fweee ... seven-eight-nine-six! (this is Maggie counting to ten - she will repeat it after you correctly in sections, but this is how she counts them together all by herself)

Ty 'gin (with a hard 'g' - Try again, which she says when she wants you to repeat a song or book or silly dance)

Bigga bigga! (Bigger bigger! - for everything from describing the size of trees to asking to have a song turned up louder, usually Elmo's "knocky-knocky-dupitee" song)

Knocky-knocky-dupitee (ABC-DEF-GHI ... the song where Elmo says the alphabet as a single word. I'm totally fine with this pronunciation because I can do no better)

Pitty dwess ... and Cindy-gwey-ya shoes (Pretty dress and Cinderella shoes - Doodlebug has taken to stopping random people at church whom we do not know to point out this important fact. She gets lots of smiles and laughs for this one - she's not vain, this child of mine, oh no)